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Your website needs to be produced in keeping with your brands core values & target consumer demographic. Not only does the site need to be stylish it also must be highly functional. Site speed & ease of use for the consumer is of the highest priority.
A web sites main function is to act as a storefront for sales conversions, but it must also be a window to the world on delivering the brands values. Integration into social media feeds, about us sections, featured articles & blog content are examples of additional pages which will not only help with search engine optimisation it will also be informative to the consumer to drive the brand narrative.



There are several different content management system (CMS) platforms to choose from.
A CMS is the platform upon which your front-end website is built.
The CMS gives you a back-end admin panel from which all the settings of the front-end site is controlled, as well as your product catalogue, customer lists & order lists (amongst other things).
Each CMS platform has its pro’s & con’s so picking the right CMS for your business is important.
Below are the three main e-commerce CMS platforms explained:
  • Shopify is a ‘closed platform’ (meaning it is not ‘open source’ & the code that operates the platform isn’t able to be edited by developers).
  • Due to its closed platform this makes the site extremely user friendly (for even a novice to build a site) & means all extensions and ‘plug ins’ to expand the core platform can only be added via Shopify’s own pre-approved marketplace of apps.
  • Due to the platform being closed, none of the core code can be accessed by developers & therefore the platform is ultimate limited in what can be developed upon it.
  • Shopify also carries a monthly subscription charge. Any extensions you might want to add to expand the core platform are likely to carry an additional one off or monthly ongoing cost.
  • It is not un-known that once all the required extensions are added that the monthly cost of running a Shopify site can be roughly (C.£100-£150pcm)
  • Pro’s: Cheap to build | Easy to use
  • Con’s: Limited ability to expand | Monthly subscription | Extensions carry additional cost
  • WordPress is ‘open source’ (which means that the core code is accessible to developers). Over time, hundreds of thousands of independent developers have worked on different extensions & updates to the core platform. Therefore, expansion of the core platform is almost infinite & even if an existing extension isn’t available, we can develop a bespoke one for you.
  • Due to the site being open source the vast majority of extensions & add ons are free to install.
  • Also due to the platform being open source it’s infinitely expandable into the future as there are no limitations to customisation of the core code.
  • WordPress is the most used ecommerce platform in the world.
  • Unlike Shopify there is no monthly subscription cost however you will require a server to host the site. Estimate C.£40/mnth for server hosting.
  • To build a WordPress site you need a little more knowledge than building a Shopify site however once the site is built it is extremely user friendly to use.
  • Pro’s: Open source | Infinitely expandable | Majority free extensions | Once built it’s user friendly to use.
  • Con’s: Little more difficult to initially build | Requires a server
  • Magento is the ‘daddy’ of all website CMS platforms.
  • Magento can run multiple store fronts on one CMS (i.e. you can run multiple different front-end websites off on one product catalogue).
  • It is also ‘open source’ so infinitely expandable & like WordPress has hundreds of thousands of extensions to expand the site.
  • Magento is traditionally used for large scale businesses.
  • Magento is more of a professional CMS platform & therefore requires coding knowledge to build upon the platform.
  • Once the site is built users would require training to use the admin area.
  • Due to the large processing power a Magento site requires a large server would be required. Estimate C.£200/mnth for server hosting.
  • Pro’s: Open source | Infinitely expandable | Majority free extensions | For professions & large-scale businesses
  • Con’s: Coding knowledge required to build | Requires training to use | Requires a large server
    Other CMS Platforms
  • There are other CMS platforms (Wix, Squarespace, etc.) however the x3 main platforms are listed above.
  • Should you require information about any other platform then just let us know.
  • We would suggest however one of the x3 main platforms listed above are the preferable platforms to build your website upon.


    Weighting up the pro’s & cons of each of the platforms we usually suggest WordPress is the best platform for most sites to be built upon. Whilst it’s slightly more expensive to initially build the site than Shopify there are little to no ongoing costs associated with running the site (other than server hosting) & it’s also open source which means its infinitely future proof as your business grows.
    That said, if your initial build budget is tight Shopify might be a consideration, but you will need to think about likely ongoing costs as well.
    We don’t tend to suggest Magento as a platform unless for very special circumstances or specifications. Whilst it’s technically the best platform & operates large scale business websites such as e-bay & next (to name just a few), it is also costly to build upon & you need a good technical understanding to operate it.
    Therefore, in the majority of cases WordPress is the most appropriate CMS for most businesses.
    We will work with you to identify the best CMS platform for your website to be built upon and consider things such as your budget, the look & aesthetics of your site as well as any specific functionality you may require. Contact Us if you would like to discuss which CMS platform is right for your business.



    Once we’ve identified the right CMS for your site to be built upon, then we come to the fun design stage of your website.
    Usually we suggest customers look at other sites for inspiration for things they like & dislike about competitor websites. This includes both aesthetic as well as functionality considerations.
    Initially we will wireframe (design) your website so that you can visualise the page layouts & features of your site.
    Once you have approved the design layout we proceed to the build stage.



    During the build stage we will give you access to a development site. You will be able to see the site being built.
    At different stages through the build we might ask you to check & comment on any layouts or features.
    During the build stage we will require information from you such as social media account details to link any of your accounts to the site, as well as payment processing details such as PayPal to link the checkout. We will cover with you everything we will require in advance so you can provide accesses as required.
    Towards the end of the build stage we will run through the site with you and create a ‘snagging list’ of any issues we need to ‘polish off’ prior to the site being completed.
    Ultimately the site will be finished once you’ve signed everything off & we’ll then publish your website live.



    From initial design concept & wireframes, through to the finished site build, please estimate roughly 3-6 weeks turn around.
    In some cases, with any large or complex sites this may be longer.
    Therefore, please ensure you plan your website in advance prior to needing it ready.
    If you are taking your product sourcing with us (details can be found on our sister division Rag-Sourcing), then we usually suggest the website design stage starts no later than when you place your bulk production order, to ensure your & website is ready in time for your product delivery.



    We will build you a functioning site and we will use ‘placeholder’ banners, graphics & products during the site build stage.
    Once the site is complete it will need to be populated with content. i.e.
  • Banners
  • Products
  • Copy
    Please do note do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in the development of the content for your site. i.e.
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Graphics
  • Copywriting
    Once you have your content (regardless if we’ve helped create it), it will then need to be loaded to your site. We can either do that for you at a small additional cost, or you can load the content to your site yourself with some free training from us on how to operate your site.



    Your website will be bespoke to you, therefore we will discuss your site in detail and then put together a bespoke quote for you based on your brief.
    As a ballpark, the average cost of building on each of the different CMS platforms generally range between;
  • Shopify – £500-£2000
  • Likely Shopify ongoing monthly subscriptions £100-150/mnth
  • WordPress – £2000-£5000
  • Likely ongoing server hosting £40/mnth
  • Magento – £5000-£10000
  • Likely ongoing monthly server hosting £200/mnth
    Should your site require any specialist functionality or further support & development, we would discuss this with you & formulate a bespoke quote.



    We offer discounts on our website build rates subject to other services we might be providing you, as follows;
  • If you are also taking your fashion design or product sourcing with us (details can be found on our sister division Rag-Sourcing), we can offer a 20% discount off your website build costs.
  • Alternatively, if you are taking your online marketing with us (details can be found on our sister division Rag-Creative), we can also offer a 20% discount off your website build costs.
  • If you are taking your fashion design, product sourcing and online marketing with us we can offer a 30% discount off your website build costs.
    As an example, subject to other services being provided, your website build might be discounted by as much as 30% as follows;
  • Shopify (£500-£2000 @ 30% discount) £350-£1400
  • WordPress (£2000-£5000 @ 30% discount) £1400-£3500
  • Magento (£5000-£10000 @ 30% discount) £3500-£7000
  • Budgets exclude any content creation or loading of content to your site.


    First you need to ascertain which CMS platform is right for your business. In this document we have outlined the pro’s & con’s to each of the x3 main platforms. If you require further advice or examples of the different platforms please contact us to let us know.
    Secondly comes the design stage. You may wish to provide us with examples of other sites you like the aesthetics or functionality of. We will then proceed to developing your sites design wireframes so you can visualise your site.
    Thirdly comes the build itself. We will give you access to a development site where you can see your website being built. You will have the opportunity to comment & make changes during the build.
    Once complete your site will need populating with content. We can assist you in the development of content including photography, videography, graphics & copywriting. If you would like further information on creating content for your site, please contact us.
    Alternatively, if you already have your sites content we can provide training on how to operate your site so you can load your content, or load all your content for you (at a small additional cost).
    Lastly, once your site is complete, we will publish your site to your live URL.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.