From branding design, through website build, through driving customers, through sales conversion, and final delivery. RagCreative can tailor a package to meet whatever your business needs.

Take a look at some of the services we provide.

Website Design:

Your web site is your window to the world; it is important your web site speaks to your brand values as your product.
The #1 aim of your website is to convert a sale and therefore ensuring your web site not only looks great but is fast & has a great user journey from home page through to checkout is of the highest importance, we understand fashion retail and what it takes to build an outstanding site.

Digital Marketing (PPC):

Digital Marketing covers a wide range of online advertising; from social media adverting & search engine advertising; from new customer acquisition to re-marketing to existing customers.
It’s all about engaging your target consumer & building a sales funnel which will ultimately drive traffic to your website, we monitor ROI to ensure your advertising budgets are always optimised for the highest return.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Ranking your site in search engines, competing for keywords against the ‘big boys’ is a dark art.
Getting your site to the top of Google can take time however the rewards of organic traffic to your web site cannot be overvalued, let us research your target keywords & work our magic.

Email & SMS Marketing:

Target your customers by Email or SMS marketing with updates, offers, discounts and news. Re-marketing in this way has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to re-engage your customers and drive repeat business. We will design & create your campaigns using our knowledge of what best drives results & sales.

Photography & Videography:

Product & Location shoots is one of the most important to building your brand.
Creating the right content, you will use across all your platforms; from your website to online & offline marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s your visual content which will most likely engage your consumer and tell your brand story.

Content Creation:

Creating content that is both engaging and informative can be tricky.
Whether it be info-graphics, copyrighting, social media content or blog content content we're on hand to help in creating and re-enforcing the right message to your customers.

Branding & Logo Design:

Logo and branding design is one of our key strengths. Coming up with the right brand name & logo is the cornerstone to your brand.
Less is often more when it comes to logo creation, our highly skilled graphic designers can work with you to ensure you have a stand out memorable logo.

Influencer & Product Placement:

The aim of Influencers & Product Placement is to expand the ‘reach’ of yourbrand.
Targeting the right influencers with the right demographic to speak to their existing audience is a great way to gain brand exposure quickly, we believe in finding ambassadors for your brand that truly love your product.

Warehousing & Fulfilment:

- We also have our own fulfilment warehouse where your goods can be delivered into.
Fully integrated with all the major courier companies, we can do the not so glamorous job of picking & packing your orders to ensure your consumers get their product as fast as possible.

Customer Service:

Good Customer Service is often overlooked however if you get it right it can mean a big difference in the growth of your brand. From repeat customers to word of mouth, customer service is as important as the original sale conversion.
We offer phone, email, support ticket, contact form and even online live chat customer services tailored to your companies policies and terms & conditions, all delivered with a smile.

Fashion Design & Sourcing:

Do you require help on design & product sourcing?
Speak to our Rag-Sourcing team for anything product or design related!