There is a wide range of influencers with different consumer demographics.
Identifying the right influencers is key.


It’s not only about getting the right influencer at the right price, it’s also about building a network of influencers with different profile & demographic levels.


Many people get influencer marketing wrong. Too many people believe you simply reach out to an influencer & agree a budget for them to post & that when they post you’ll return sales. It doesn’t work like that, it’s very difficult to establish a direct ROI on what you spend vs what you return in sales.


Think of influencer marketing like the top of the sales funnel & casting a broad net creating brand awareness. You need multiple influencers posting almost continuously & driving brand awareness. Over time their follower demographic will become aware & subsequently engage with your brand (be that liking, following, commenting or visiting your website).
A combination of influencer endorsement followed up by social media re-marketing adverts will, over time, result in sales conversions.


What we do is help identify the right influencers with the right demographic. Then, rather than simply agreeing a single post budget with them, look to ‘contract’ them for X posts per month over X period. We will build up a network of influencers, each with commitments to X number of posts per month.
We then create an influencer posting diary with them to ensure you have endorsement posts specific to your brand going out daily.


For example, we would identify different influencers with different profile levels. Obviously the higher their profile the more they charge. We tend to identify;
  • One main key influencer (+500k followers)
  • A couple of high-profile influencers (250k – 500k followers)
  • Several mid-level influencers (100-250k followers)
  • Multiple entry level influencers (50-100k followers).
  • You will also be contacted by aspiring influencers (-50k followers).

    We therefore create a pyramid network of influencers based on their profile level;
    Rather than getting the influencers to quote for just one post, we’d look to contract them over several months (either returning a cheaper cost per post or more posts for the same sum).


    We would then work out a posting diary whereby each influencer is told what to post & when (i.e. what we want them to promote & when).


    For example, if we secured the above pyramid network of influencers & we contracted them over a 3 month period with x3 posts per month each, we’d quickly ‘bank’ several posts which we can then create a posting diary so that posts are going out daily across many influencers;