The basic overview of search engine optimisation is that the search engines crawl the internet with their ‘bots’ trawling the content of what makes up each site (headers, footers, written content, images, in-bound & outbound links, hidden code, how much traffic a site has, etc.) This gives each website a ‘quality score’.
There are ‘positive’ as well as ‘negative’ quality scores (i.e. the search engines sore positively as well as negatively based on what the bots find on your site).
Each outbound link your site has to another site, a little bit of your ‘quality score’ passes to the site you link to. Similarly, each inbound link your site has carries a little bit of their quality score to your site.
What the search engines are trying to do is determine how ‘relevant’ your site is to any given subject (i.e. the more keywords in your sites content, the higher the quality score of your site, the more traffic your site gets, the more inbound links carrying high quality scores from other sites, etc), then the more ‘relevant’ & ‘authoritative’ the search engines will believe your site is to any given subject.
What we do is;
  • Trawl your site to ensure the hidden content (the code beneath your site, the headers & footers, etc.) are perfect to achieve the highest quality score.
  • Ensure all visible content is keyword rich & relevant.
  • Build out content (i.e. blogs) on your site so there’s more relevant content for the search engines to ‘score’.
  • Link your site into our existing network of other websites to pass quality score to your site.
  • Link build with other sites so you have more quality in-bound links, increasing your sites ‘relevance’.
    This is an ongoing task, continually refining & add more content & links, which in turn create a higher ‘quality’ & ‘relevance’ score for your site.
    This will see your site climb through the search engines which will ultimately drive more organic un-paid traffic.
    Often the first thing however is to try to ensure potential consumers can even find your site whilst searching. We would target your brand name as a keyword & link your website into our existing SEO network of sites to give your site an initial boost to ensure (where possible) consumers can find your site when searching for your brand.