Having great social media accounts & posting great content is no longer good enough on its own to reach your audience.
The social media platforms physically suppress content from reaching your desired audience.
  • Did you know only C.1-2% of organic content posted will even reach your followers let alone new potentially customers who don’t already follow you!
    The social media networks deliver content to their users based on algorithms & how engaging a piece of content is (i.e. the more people that engage in the piece of content, the more people the network will show that content to).
    The issue however is to reach an audience in the first place considering the networks physically supress the content by the very virtue it doesn’t have any engagement.
    Of course, the social media networks say they do this to improve their sites by only showing relevant content to users however in truth the only way to get your content out to your desired demographic is by using their advertising tools.
    We create & target adverts at your consumer demographic and continually test new ad types & audience groups. We will continually check Return on Investment (ROI) of adverts to maximise reach of your adverts & drive traffic to your site. We will target new customer acquisition as well as re-marketing to users who have already engaged with your brand and are most likely to convert.
    Social Media Advertising is likely to be the #1 driver of traffic & sales conversions.