Weighting up the pro’s & cons of each of the platforms we usually suggest WordPress is the best platform for most sites to be built upon. Whilst it’s slightly more expensive to initially build the site than Shopify there are little to no ongoing costs associated with running the site (other than server hosting) & it’s also open source which means its infinitely future proof as your business grows.
That said, if your initial build budget is tight Shopify might be a consideration, but you will need to think about likely ongoing costs as well.
We don’t tend to suggest Magento as a platform unless for very special circumstances or specifications. Whilst it’s technically the best platform & operates large scale business websites such as e-bay & next (to name just a few), it is also costly to build upon & you need a good technical understanding to operate it.
Therefore, in the majority of cases WordPress is the most appropriate CMS for most businesses.
We will work with you to identify the best CMS platform for your website to be built upon and consider things such as your budget, the look & aesthetics of your site as well as any specific functionality you may require. Contact Us if you would like to discuss which CMS platform is right for your business.