This document outlines the basis of any given marketing strategy we would look to implement.
Of course, your marketing strategy would be tailored to your brand & your budget.
First & foremost we will look to identify a marketing budget with you. Subject to that budget we would suggest which marketing channels might be the most important for you & which channels might be best for us to manage & which channels you might wish to manage.
This document outlines the different types of channels alongside examples of ‘ideal’ example budgets.
It also outlines what is trying to be achieved by the marketing strategy in terms of creating a sales funnel of consumer awareness, engagement, site traffic & ultimately sales conversion & gives examples of the brand awareness & sale growth over time.
The example ‘ideal’ budgets outlined are examples only based on a fictitious ‘ideal’ scenario however depending on your budgets we will tailor a quote for you, subject to which channels & how much time we dedicate to each.