First you need to ascertain which CMS platform is right for your business. In this document we have outlined the pro’s & con’s to each of the x3 main platforms. If you require further advice or examples of the different platforms please contact us to let us know.
Secondly comes the design stage. You may wish to provide us with examples of other sites you like the aesthetics or functionality of. We will then proceed to developing your sites design wireframes so you can visualise your site.
Thirdly comes the build itself. We will give you access to a development site where you can see your website being built. You will have the opportunity to comment & make changes during the build.
Once complete your site will need populating with content. We can assist you in the development of content including photography, videography, graphics & copywriting. If you would like further information on creating content for your site, please contact us.
Alternatively, if you already have your sites content we can provide training on how to operate your site so you can load your content, or load all your content for you (at a small additional cost).
Lastly, once your site is complete, we will publish your site to your live URL.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.